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At Town Talk we’ve been developing the art of maintaining a sparkling home and treasured possessions for over 125 years.

Town Talk Polish - Celebrating 125 years (1895 - 2020)

I love all the Town Talk products, I have been using them for years! Ordering direct is super easy and my order was shipped very quickly. I even got a free little gift in my most recent order which was a lovely surprise!

Sarah Heron

Having been involved in the trade of sterling silver and stone jewellery since 1996, I have tried many anti tarnish, silver polishing products and can affirm that Town Talk Polish Co. Ltd is simply the best brand as it offers top quality products at a very competitive price complimented by a very friendly customer service. They deserve 10*.

Ms C H

With great pleasure I did receive my Town Talk products in the Netherlands. Fantastic and high quality products! I enjoy using them for my work. I would highly recommend! Thank you!

JW Butler Services

Great service, can not fault the products, i will not shop anywhere else for this type of thing.


Excellent service and the products are brilliant. I would highly recommend Town Talk products.