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Brass & Copper Polish

Price US$12.88

Highly recommended for any brass or copper item.

Product description

Highly recommended for any brass or copper item.

  • Removes stubborn marks and blemishes on brass and copper surfaces.
  • Restores items to their wonderful shine.
  • Non-hazardous formulation.
  • Simply apply with a clean dry cloth and polish items to a gleaming finish.

How to use

Shake the bottle and apply the polish using a dry cloth.

Buff to remove stubborn marks and blemishes.

To finish, rinse with water and polish to a shine with a soft, clean cloth.

Delivery & returns

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Brass & Copper Polish be used on copper saucepans?

Yes, this polish is perfect for cleaning copper saucepans. Please rinse saucepans and food utensils after using the polish and before food preparation.

Can Brass & Copper Polish be used on brass door carpet treads?

Yes, this polish will polish up brass door carpet treads. Please take care to cover the carpet on either side of the carpet tread whilst you clean it, to protect against any spillage of polish.

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