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Gold Polishing Cloths

Price US$4.62

Restore the original shine to gold jewellery.

Suited for: Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold with no Rhodium plating, Platinum, Palladium.

Product description

Restore the original shine to gold jewellery.

  • Specialist impregnated polishing cloth will buff gold items to a wonderful shine.
  • 100% Cotton cloth.
  • Reusable and designed to last - it will remain effective as long as it is not washed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Town Talk cloth logo scratch my gold?

No. The logo is printed using a special ink so it is perfectly safe to use both sides of the cloth.

How long do Town Talk Gold Polishing Cloths last?

The Town Talk Gold Polishing Cloths will carry on working as long as they are not washed.

As you use them, they will start to turn black. This is a chemical reaction rather than a build-up of dirt and shows that the cloth is doing its job.

Store them in a dry environment and you need only replace them when they are quite black on both sides.

Is the Gold Polishing Cloth suitable for gold plate?

No the cloth is not suitable for gold plate as it may over time wear away the plating. 

Can the Gold Polishing Cloth be used on gemstones?

The Gold Polishing cloth is not suitable for gemstones. For a quick polish, use Town Talk's Microfibre Cloth, and for a deeper clean see our article on 'How to Clean Gemstone Jewellery' for our recommendations.

Is the Gold Polishing Cloth suitable for white gold?

There are 2 types of white gold - rhodium plated, and non plated, and for the purposes of cleaning it is important to check which type it is. Older pieces are more likely to be rhodium plated - the plating gives jewellery the 'white' colour of white gold. This wears off over time and the wearing would be accelerated by using the gold polishing cloth, so for this reason we would recommend cleaning rhodium plated white gold jewellery with the Jewel Sparkle Tissues. N.B. If you have a rhodium plated piece that you wear regularly, you are likely to need to ask your jeweller to replate it every couple of years.

Some more recent pieces of white gold jewellery don't have a rhodium plate because preferences have changed. For these pieces it is perfectly fine to use the Gold Polishing Cloth.

Will the Gold Polishing Cloth polish out small scratches?

Our gold cloth is 100% woven cotton that is impregnated with cleaning and anti-tarnish agents. The main cleaning agent is Jewellers Rouge (which gives the red colouration). Jewellers rouge is an ultra-fine abrasive intended to remove light scratches and polish the surface; it will not remove deep scratches. The cloth works by applying the cleaners to the surface of the gold, allowing them to take effect and leave a smooth finish as the cloth is swept away.

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Both silver and gold ankh berlocks looks better i am satisfied for town talk polishing cloth *****"