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Marble Wax

Price US$19.46

Seal and protect marble with this specialist wax.

A floral scent of fresh lavender.

Product description

Seal and protect marble with this specialist wax.

  • Brings a shine to all real and artificial marble surfaces.
  • Helps protect marble from liquid spills.
  • Works wonders on marble worktops, tiles and fireplaces.
  • Contains natural carnauba wax.
  • Delightful lavender scent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Marble Wax make scratches less noticeable?

Our Marble wax contains a blend of different waxes and sealants designed to enhance and protect the look of the marble. The wax applies a superficial layer acting as a protective barrier to smooth the surface and enhance shine. This will reduce the appearance of scratches.

How often should I apply Town Talk's Marble Wax for best results?

This will depend on the location/use of the marble item, but when water no longer beads when splashed on the surface or the shine is starting to fade it is time to re-apply the wax.

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