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Silver Care Kit Wallet

Price US$11.90

This Silver Care Kit is the quick and easy way to clean silver and keep it looking its best.

Suited for: All silverware, from silver trays and cutlery to jewellery and accessories.

Product description

This Silver Care Kit is the quick and easy way to clean silver and keep it looking its best.

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Anti-tarnish protection helps prevent your silver from tarnishing for longer
  • Wipe away tarnish with the tissues
  • Buff to a sparkling finish with the polishing cloth
  • Convenient sachet format


  • 4 Silver Polish Tissues.
  • Silver Polishing Cloth 12.5cm x 17.5cm / 5″ x 7″.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my silver tarnishing?

Tarnish is the discolouration of silver that occurs naturally over time as the metal reacts with elements in the air to form a new compound on the surface. This resulting layer of grey or black coating causes once bright, shining surfaces to become dull and unsightly.

What do anti-tarnish protectors do?

Anti-tarnish protectors are one of the most important ingredients in Town Talk silver polish products. Our unique anti-tarnish ingredient bonds to silver and forms an invisible shield on its surface, protecting it from tarnish-forming substances. This protective layer means that your silver will last much longer before it tarnishes, so by using Town Talk products you will find you need to clean your silver less frequently.

Will the Town Talk cloth logo scratch my silver?

No. The logo is printed using a special ink so it is perfectly safe to use both sides of the cloth.

How long do Town Talk Silver Polishing Cloths last?

Town Talk Silver Polishing Cloths will carry on working as long as they are not washed. As you use them, they will start to turn black. This is a chemical reaction rather than a build-up of dirt and shows that the cloth is doing its job. Store them in a dry environment and you need only replace them when they are quite black on both sides.

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