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How to Care for Antique Furniture

Protect the intrinsic beauty of antique furniture & flooring with these tips.

Protect the intrinsic beauty of antique furniture & flooring with these tips:

Antique Wooden Furniture

  • Dust antique wooden furniture weekly to prevent it from losing its shine.
  • Be aware of the positioning of antique wooden furniture. Sunlight can impact the colour, so consider placing furniture in a shaded area, or keeping the curtains closed when the room is not in use.
  • Be sure to use place mats and coasters when taking a drink or dining on antique furniture. Take extra care when guests are around as they may be none the wiser to the effect a coffee cup could have when placed directly on your furniture.
  • Polish antique wooden items frequently with Town Talk’s Luxury Furniture Wax (we recommend every 3-6 months). It provides resistance to fingermarks, spilled liquids and general everyday use.

Antique Leather Furniture

  • Consider the positioning of leather items - a leather sofa too close to a radiator or fireplace, for example, will dry it out.
  • Also avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight if possible, which can cause leather to fade. If you cannot avoid it, consider closing the blinds or curtains when the room is not in use, to protect your items.
  • Town Talk’s Leather Cream Spray helps to prevent leather furniture from drying out. When cleaning leather avoid using water which could cause blemishes.
  • Be sure to use a soft, clean cloth to apply and buff all polishes & waxes when cleaning antiques. The long-lasting Town Talk Microfibre Cloth is perfect for this.

This list of tips will help you give your antique furniture the best care, however as each piece is unique, we recommend speaking to your antiques dealer for specialist knowledge about individual items.