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How to Care for Leather Furniture

It is easy to forget that this porous natural material needs a little extra TLC.

Leather sofas and chairs are so practical but it is easy to forget that this porous natural material needs a little TLC.

Here are our tips for keeping your leather furniture in good condition:

  • If you are able to position your furniture away from direct sunlight and heat sources (e.g. radiators), this will protect your leather from fading, drying out and cracking.
  • Regularly buff your leather furniture with a Town Talk Microfibre Polishing Cloth to maintain its shine.
  • For a deeper clean, use a damp cloth to wipe your furniture down (be careful not to use too much water as leather doesn’t take well to this). Follow up with Town Talk’s Leather Cream Spray to revive your leather’s natural suppleness.
  • Town Talk’s Leather Cream Spray has been perfected with a unique blend of ingredients including lanolin, beeswax and carnauba wax. It will not only clean your leather furniture, but will also help prevent it from drying out and maintain its natural suppleness.
  • Be aware of cushions, throws or blankets that are not ‘dye-fast,’ meaning that the material does not hold the dye well. Because leather is a porous material, it could end up absorbing dye from these materials, leaving your beloved furniture stained with colour.
  • Accidental spills should be cleaned up immediately, as leather is extremely absorbent. Time is of the essence if you want to prevent your spill from becoming a permanent stain.
  • If your leather does, unfortunately, show signs of wear and spillage, consult with a professional cleaner who will be able to assist in restoring your item.