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Diamond polishing cloth and jewellery cleaning wand from Town Talk

How to Clean Diamond Jewellery

To give your diamonds a deep clean, it is not just the surface of the gemstone that needs your attention.

Despite their higher price tag, diamonds are one of the most popular choices of gemstone for both everyday jewellery and engagement rings. This is due to both their durability and their brilliant, sparkling appearance.

A clean diamond will possess much more brilliance than a dulled, dirty one, so here are our recommendations on how to keep your diamonds sparkling every time you wear them.

Products for cleaning jewellery with gemstones from Town Talk Polish Co.

Step 1: Clean

To give your diamonds a deep clean, it is not just the surface of the gemstone that needs your attention. Any grime lurking under or around the setting can cause your diamond to become dull in appearance, no matter how much you polish the visible part of the gemstone. Use Town Talk’s Jewel Sparkle to give your stone and setting a deep clean, using the brush included to tease out dirt from the setting if necessary.

Top Tip

When you’re on the go, try a Town Talk Jewel Sparkle Wand. The brush is specially designed to get behind settings and remove trapped dirt which can dull the diamonds. A quick rinse in water and polish dry with the Microfibre Cloth that’s provided and hey presto – the sparkle and shine of your jewellery is restored!

Step 2: Polish

Town Talk’s Diamond Polishing Cloth is made from an ultra-fine weave, making it particularly suitable for diamonds. The tight weave ensures that the cloth won’t catch on your diamonds and leave tiny fibres behind. The Diamond Polishing Cloth is also perfect for bringing out daily sparkle - a quick buff will grab any surface dust or grease.

Step 3: Storage

Diamonds are much more sturdy than other gemstones, however are often set in soft metals such as gold or silver, which are prone to tarnish (silver), and scratching. Store your jewellery out of the sunlight in a Town Talk Anti-Tarnish Jewellery Pouch. This protects the metal from tarnish forming compounds in the atmosphere, and keeps your items safe from knocks and scratches.