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Silver Polish

Price US$15.82

Revive even the most tarnished silver with the original Town Talk Silver Polish!

Product description

Revive even the most tarnished silver with the original Town Talk Silver Polish!

  • Ideal for cleaning even heavily tarnished items of silverware.
  • Unique anti-tarnish formula helps protect silver from tarnishing for longer, keeping silver shining bright.

How to use

Shake the bottle well.

Apply the polish sparingly to your silver using a clean, soft cloth. Polish thoroughly to remove all traces of tarnish.

Rinse with water if a build-up of polish accumulates, and dry with a soft, clean cloth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my silver tarnishing?

Tarnish is the discolouration of silver that occurs naturally over time as the metal reacts with elements in the air to form a new compound on the surface. This resulting layer of grey or black coating causes once bright, shining surfaces to become dull and unsightly.

What do anti-tarnish protectors do?

Anti-tarnish protectors are one of the most important ingredients in Town Talk silver polish products. Our unique anti-tarnish ingredient bonds to silver and forms an invisible shield on its surface, protecting it from tarnish-forming substances. This protective layer means that your silver will last much longer before it tarnishes, so by using Town Talk products you will find you need to clean your silver less frequently.

Should I use Town Talk Silver Polish or Silver Foam?

Both work exceptionally well on heavily tarnished items. Some customers find their ornately decorated silver and silver cutlery easier to clean with Town Talk Silver Foam because it can be worked into the decoration with its sponge applicator.

Very heavily tarnished silver may require more than one cleaning, or may even call for professional attention.

Is the Silver Polish suitable for necklace chains?

The Silver Polish can be used on silver necklace chains, however we would recommend the Town Talk Silver Sparkle liquid dip as an easier way to clean chains. This is because of the small details that may become clogged with the polish and be more easily reached with a liquid cleaner.

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Rated 5 out of 5

Excellent product, been looking for a better silver polish and a friend recommended this and it works