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Silver Cutlery Rinse

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This Silver Cutlery Rinse remove tarnish from cutlery in just seconds.

Product description

This Silver Cutlery Rinse removes tarnish from cutlery in just seconds.

  • Fast acting formula removes tarnish, leaving cutlery shining bright.
  • Dipping basket included for quick and easy use.
  • Also suitable for other silver items including napkin rings, candlesticks and silver ornaments.


  • 600 ml/20 fl oz.
  • Basket 19cm x 4.8cm/7.5″ x 1.9″

How to use

Place your cutlery in the dipping basket and immerse in the liquid.

Check after 10 seconds and if necessary repeat until your silver is tarnish-free.

Rinse in running water and dry with a soft cloth. For best results and anti-tarnish protection, finish with a Town Talk Silver Polishing Cloth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my silver tarnishing?

Tarnish is the discolouration of silver that occurs naturally over time as the metal reacts with elements in the air to form a new compound on the surface. This resulting layer of grey or black coating causes once bright, shining surfaces to become dull and unsightly.

Do Town Talk Silver dips give anti-tarnish protection?

Our silver dips (i.e. our Silver Sparkle and Silver Cutlery Rinse) work in a different way to our silver polishes. They will quickly remove all traces of tarnish from silver without the need for polishing, but will not add any anti-tarnish protection. For this reason we recommend polishing your silver with our Silver Polishing Cloth after it has been cleaned with a dip. This will give it an extra shine and keep it brighter for much longer.

Can I clean my stainless steel cutlery with Town Talk Cutlery Rinse?

No, only use Town Talk Silver Cutlery Rinse on silver and silver-plated cutlery as it can damage stainless steel knife blades.

Stainless steel cutlery is durable and convenient as it can be cleaned in a dishwasher. It is liable to scratch though so it’s best not to overfill the cutlery basket.

Take care not to put stainless steel and silver cutlery in a dishwasher together, as this may cause your silver cutlery to turn black.

Read our complete guide on how to care for your silver cutlery.

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