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How to Care for Marble Surfaces Around the House

Marble needs a little extra care to keep it looking at its best.

Marble is a popular choice for worktops due to its beautiful appearance. On the other hand, it is softer and more porous than other alternatives, so it needs a little extra care to keep it looking at its best. Here are some tips to help preserve the beauty of the marble in your home - be it marble tiles, marble worktops or marble countertops.

Day to day use

Marble is particularly sensitive to acid, which is important to bear in mind if you have marble worktops in the kitchen:

  • Protect your marble from acidic foods such as lemon, tomatoes and vinegar by using large chopping boards, or silicon mats for added protection whilst you cook.
  • Wipe down any spillages immediately, and give your counters a clean after each use. This will reduce the likelihood of unwanted stains forming.
  • Finally, using coasters for drinks - especially coffee, tea and red wine - can help prevent ring stains from forming on your marble surfaces.

Cleaning and maintenance

To clean your marble, use a Microfibre Cloth and a gentle detergent solution, such as a surface cleaning spray (we recommend the Town Talk Bergamot & Lime Surface Cleaner).

Harsh cleaners could end up harming the marble due to its delicate nature, so gentle is best here! Liquid polishes should also be avoided due to marble being a porous material.


For longer term protection, Town Talk’s Marble Wax brings a silky smooth finish to a variety of real and artificial marble surfaces, such as quartz worktops. It is designed to seal and protect surfaces from staining, with its unique blend of natural and synthetic ingredients. Apply it sparingly with a soft duster in circular motions and then buff your marble to a shine. We recommend applying the wax twice a year, or more frequently if you sense that the protection has worn off due to frequent use.

Natural aging

These tips will help to preserve your marble, but due to the delicate nature of the stone, some wear and tear is inevitable. It is also wise to embrace the natural aging process of the stone. Enjoy witnessing the natural patina form and the memories that you create in your home - so that you can appreciate your marble surfaces for many years to come.