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How to Clean and Care for a Charm Bracelet

Caring for charm bracelets can be tricky as each metal and gemstone has different care requirements.

Cleaning and caring for charm bracelets can be tricky as they may be made from a variety of metals and precious stones, all with different care requirements.

This guide will give you the best solutions for keeping your charm bracelet sparkling, whether it be Tiffany, Thomas Sabo, Trollbeads or Pandora. Here is the ultimate guide on how to keep your charm bracelet looking at its best!

Before doing anything - Check your charm bracelet

Before cleaning your charm bracelet, it is vital to check which metals and stones make up your charms. This is because each metal and gemstone has different properties. Some care products can be perfectly fine to use on one of your charms and yet cause damage if used on a more delicate piece.

Ensuring that you know what each of your charms are made from means that you can give the appropriate care to each one, and avoid pitfalls such as using products that are too abrasive. With the right cleaning products the process is quick and easy, and will leave you with a sparkling charm bracelet for years to come.

Some gemstones such as pearls are very delicate. If you are able to take apart your bracelet yourself, it may be advisable to separate the charms before cleaning to ensure that the appropriate care product is used for each one.

Remember, if you are unsure about anything, always consult with your local jeweller.

Cleaning Silver Charm Bracelets

Sterling Silver

Over time, silver reacts with elements in the air to form tarnish on the surface, causing a blackened appearance that may cause alarm if you are not expecting it.

When this happens, we recommend using a Town Talk Silver Polishing Cloth to revive your bracelet and charms. This polishing cloth is special because it both cleans and protects your silver. It removes tarnish, restoring your silver to a wonderful shine, and it forms a protective shield which protects your treasured items from tarnishing for longer. For items that are particularly blackened, we recommend first using Town Talk's Silver Sparkle liquid cleaner to remove the tarnish. Follow this up with a Town Talk Silver Polishing Cloth to seal your charm bracelet with anti-tarnish protection!

Oxidised Silver - ‘blackened’ silver

Please note that any type of silver polishing cloth or liquid cleaner is NOT suitable for use on charms or bracelets of oxidised silver. This is silver that has deliberately been crafted to give a blackened appearance.

For such items, we recommend simply removing surface dirt by polishing your item with a Town Talk Microfibre Polishing Cloth.

Cleaning Gold Charm Bracelets

Gold and Rose Gold Charms and Bracelets.

For solid gold and rose gold, we recommend Town Talk’s Gold Polishing Cloth to reveal the natural, brilliant shine of your items. For pieces that need a deep clean, use Town Talk's Jewel Sparkle, our liquid dip cleaner, before the polishing cloth.

Gold Plated Charms

For Gold Plated items, do not use any type of gold polishing cloth. This is because gold is a notoriously soft metal, and so gold plating can be worn away by even specialist cleaners. Instead, we recommend using Town Talk’s Jewel Sparkle Dip followed by a polish with a Town Talk Microfibre Cloth to remove dirt and leave your charms shining.

Glass, Enamel and Pearl Charms

Glass and enamel charms

To preserve the shine to your glass and enamel charms, regularly polish your bracelet using a Town Talk Microfibre Polishing Cloth. If a deeper clean is needed, the Town Talk Jewellery Spray will gently remove any built up dirt and grime. The Jewellery Spray can also be used on everyday fashion jewellery so it’s useful to have on-hand!

Pearl Charms

If you are lucky enough to own a pearl charm, we recommend taking extra care to preserve its natural beauty! To clean your pearls we recommend Town Talk's Pearl Spray cleaner which has been specially formulated to bring out the lustre of this natural gemstone. It can also be used on all of your charms for a quick spruce up.

Because pearls are so delicate, do not use any jewellery cleaner on your pearls unless it specifically states that it has been formulated for pearls.

Top Tip

Wait to put your pearl jewellery on until AFTER you have applied your perfume and cosmetics, which can cause pitting.

Storing your charm bracelet

Safely storing your charm bracelet will keep it protected from knocks and scratches, and help to protect your silver from tarnishing for longer.

We recommend storing your charm bracelet in a cloth pouch to protect it from knocks and scratches. Town Talk’s luxury Anti-Tarnish Jewellery Pouches have the added benefit of slowing the tarnishing process of any silver items. You can also add a few Town Talk Silver Storage Strips to your existing jewellery box or bag to help prevent tarnishing.

Wearing your charm bracelet

Charm bracelets are a unique and personal item of jewellery that are often full of memories. We hope that this guide helps you to enjoy its sparkle every time you wear it, for years to come!