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How to Clean Brass & Copper

Maintain the refined charm of brass & copper items around the house.

If you have brass and copper items around the house you may have noticed their colour darkening over time as they tarnish. Here is how to restore their bright, shining appearance. Brass is an alloy formed by combining Copper with Zinc, so the care tips below can be used on both your Copper and Brass items.

How to Clean your Brass and Copper Items

Step 1: Clean

Begin by washing your brass or copper items to remove any dirt or dust. Town Talk's Washing Up Liquid will do the trick for even non-kitchen items. This will remove any surface grime or particles that could scratch your items during polishing.

Dry your items with a soft, clean cloth.

Step 2: Polish

Using a dry cloth, apply Town Talk Brass and Copper Polish to your item. It has been specially formulated for use with solid brass and copper to clean stubborn marks and blemishes. Depending on how tarnished the metal is, it may require a little elbow grease.

Newly cleaned brass and copper will invariably have a lighter colour after cleaning - this is because brass and copper darken as they tarnish, so they can look more golden over time. To help prevent this darkening, Town Talk’s Brass & Copper Polish contains anti-tarnish protectors, which help to keep your brass or copper tarnish-free for a longer time.

Once you are satisfied with the finish of your item, rinse away the polish residue and dry with a soft, clean cloth.

Why Town Talk?

Town Talk’s Anti-tarnish Brass and Copper Polish incorporates mild abrasives which get finer and finer during the polishing process to give a soft, glowing finish. It is a non-hazardous polish and as such works differently to those products which rely on higher levels of more hazardous chemical ingredients to react with the metal and clean it in that way.

The cleaning process above will maintain the refined charm of your brass and copper items around the house, so that you can enjoy your treasured items to the full.