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How to Clean Platinum Jewellery

These steps will keep your platinum jewellery sparkling bright.

How to Clean Platinum Jewellery

Platinum is widely recognised as the most precious metal for jewellery use. Before buying a platinum piece, you may want to become familiar with its properties and how to care for this highly prized metal.

On this page we look at what makes platinum so valuable in jewellery production, and how to keep your platinum jewellery clean and sparkling.

Platinum jewellery is more expensive than that of silver and gold, due to the following characteristics:

  • It has a beautiful white colour naturally, without the need for creating a metal alloy (such as with white gold).
  • It is much harder and more durable than silver or gold, making platinum jewellery very resistant to knocks and scratches.
  • This durability means that platinum jewellery is of a much higher purity, at around 80 - 95% platinum, because the addition of harder metals is not required.
  • The higher purity means that platinum jewellery is hypoallergenic, whereas silver and gold alloys can cause irritation in those sensitive when certain metals are used, such as nickel.
  • Platinum is only found in a few spots globally, so as a metal it is rarer than silver and gold.
  • White gold is rhodium plated to preserve the white colour, and needs regular replating by a jeweller to maintain the finish. Platinum on the other hand is naturally white, and so does not need this upkeep.

The above benefits are often offset by the cost of silver and white gold jewellery, which are much more accessible due to the lower price point. Silver and white gold also create stunning pieces of jewellery, so are the natural choice of many. But if platinum is in your price range, you may prefer it, given the above benefits.

Caring for your Platinum Jewellery

If you do choose platinum, these steps will keep your jewellery sparkling bright:

1. Clean

Clean your platinum jewellery using Town Talk’s Jewel Sparkle dip, which is suitable for platinum jewellery set with hard gemstones, including diamonds. The Jewel Sparkle removes grease and grime which builds up from day to day wear of your jewellery. For a deep clean, be sure to use the enclosed brush to remove dirt trapped behind the settings, too.

2. Polish

After cleaning, use a Town Talk Gold Polishing Cloth to polish your Platinum Jewellery to a brilliant shine - don’t be tempted to skip this step as it really brings the sparkle out!

3. Store

When your jewellery is not in use, store away from sunlight in a place safe from knocks and scratches. Our luxury Anti-Tarnish Jewellery Pouches are perfect for keeping your treasured items of jewellery safe in between uses.

The above steps will keep your platinum jewellery items shining bright, so that you can enjoy the sparkle of your treasured items each time you wear them.