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Silver polishing cloth and silver storage pouch from Town Talk's silver care product range

How to Clean Silver Jewellery

Keep your jewellery tarnish free, sparkling and ready to wear for longer.

Here is a 3 step method for cleaning silver, which is suitable for both sterling silver and silver plated items.

Please note, the products listed below are suitable for silver jewellery without gemstones. For information on how to care for your gemstone jewellery, see our guide on how to clean and care for your gemstone jewellery.

Step 1: Clean

First, clean your items using Town Talk’s Silver Sparkle. This liquid dip cleaner removes the tarnish from your silver items in just minutes, bringing back the sparkling finish to your silver items. There is a small brush included which allows you to get into any tiny areas where dirt has built up. After cleaning with the Silver Sparkle, we recommend rinsing your jewellery with water and drying it with a soft, clean cloth.

Silver Sparkle at-home silver polish from Town Talk

Top Tip

Avoid rinsing your jewellery with running water and instead use a bowl to avoid accidentally dropping jewellery down the drain!

Step 2: Polish

Once your items are clean and the tarnish has been removed, buff your items to a shining finish using a Town Talk Silver Polishing Cloth. The cloth is impregnated with Town Talk's unique formula which provides Anti-Tarnish protection for your silver. This prolongs the tarnishing process, helping to keep your silver looking its best for longer. There is also the added bonus that the silver won’t need to be cleaned as often.

Step 3: Protect

Silver is a soft metal and so it is prone to knocks and scratches. Town Talk’s luxury Anti-tarnish Jewellery Pouches will protect your silver whilst not in use, as well as help slow down the tarnishing process. Your jewellery will be sparkling and ready to wear for longer!

Following this 3 step process will keep silver jewellery looking at its best for years to come. We hope that you enjoy making your jewellery sparkle again!